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Image #: 89-H-380
File: GPN-2000-001665
Image Credit: NASA

Release Date: July 20, 1989

President George Bush and Apollo 11 Astronauts

President George Bush speaks at the National Air and Space Museum's 20th anniversary celebration of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Here, on July 20, 1989, Bush announced his new Space Exploration Initiative, which was to complete the space station, return man to the moon, and bring man to Mars for the first time.

The plan fell apart when NASA offered an estimated budget of 500 billion over the next 20 to 30 years to achieve the President's goal. Congress balked, and NASA returned to its earlier program of primarily robotic space exploration.

From left to right are NASA Administrator Admr. Richard Truly, First Lady Mrs. Barbara Bush, Neil Armstrong, President George Bush, Vice President Dan Quayle, Michael Collins, Mrs. Marilyn Quayle, and Buzz Aldrin.

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