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Ordering is Easy!
All images are located in the Space Image Gallery. Find the image you want by using our finder index, the visual image guides or by browsing through the Spacefolder and selecting the size you want to buy. When you have all the items you wish to buy in the shopping cart, fill in your name and address, click the pay by credit card link at the bottom of the page and you will be directed to a secure gateway for your credit card information.

The Shopping Cart:
Our shopping cart works a little bit differently than most. The products you choose to buy are not saved on your computer. Images which you select but do not check out when you leave the gallery are lost. If you need to navigate to other pages of our website while placing an order, simply minimize the image gallery, open another window of your browser and go to Go to the pages you need and you can restore the minimized space image gallery with your selections intact. Be sure to complete the transaction. Be sure to keep a list of preferred images if you cannot order in one sitting..

Don't want to use a credit card?
Please contact us if you prefer to pay by check or by using a purchase order. All checks must clear our bank before merchandise is shipped. Purchase orders from schools or municipal accounts are validated through D&B.

Sending a Gift?
Purchase receipts are automatically enclosed with your order. If you are sending a gift and do not want a receipt enclosed, please tell us in the comments box on the checkout page.

Send purchase orders and checks to our office:

Conntech Imaging Technology
Astrophoto Dept.
132 Pepe's Farm Road
Milford, CT 06460


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