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                Links to Astronomical Related Sites

While there are many astronomical websites, the list compiled here contain the least amount of ads and animations. The astrophotolab website itself uses no cookies but any of the links provided here surely do. Cookies are small bits of code added to your browser to help websites keep track of you. If you are concerned about privacy, using a tool like Superantispyware can help. These links have been tested for accuracy in July 2019.

Advanced Dictionary of Astronomical Terms (Don Ware)

Glossary of Astronomical Terms (Wikipedia)

Introduction to the Sky for Kids

Astronomy Dictionary for Kids

General Constellation Guide

Star Charts and Constellation Guide

Constellations and Mythology

Telescopes for Kids Resource Guide

Astronomical Glossary (technical)

Glossary of Astronomical and Cosmological Terms (technical)

Hubblesite Reference Desk (many links to Observatories)

Glossary for Telescope Buyers and Users

SkyEye (current celestial events)

Sky and Telescope (This week's sky at a glance)

Space Tourism Guide (current celestial events and open observatories)

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)

HEASARC Picture of the Week

The Hubble Space Telescope

Spitzer Space Telescope

Chandra X-ray Observatory

European Southern Observatory (ESO)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Ask an Astronomer