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All images on this website are released by their copyright holder to the public domain. The images are licensed only for personal and educational use. Please obtain clearance from the copyright holder for any other use.

Files may be downloaded from their respective websites free of charge and printed locally at your favorite photo store. The prices we charge are for production and overhead expenses only. In many cases, our prices are the same as you might pay at a local photofinisher. Unfortunately many local photo stores don't know how to handle the deep black backgrounds inherent in astrophotos.

The images we sell are from the highest resolution files obtainable. Original files vary considerably in size and in format. We print to three different formats; square, standard and 1:2 panoramic. No cropping is done to any image so if the image you select does not fit into any of the formats we use, we will add black canvas to two sides to make up the difference. Please contact us if you have any questions about the amount of black canvas we will add to make the print fit the size of the photo you ordered.

The largest size we recommend for each file is reflected in the print order menu. In some cases we can print larger but we suggest that you contact us first. We use professional interpolation software to achieve larger sizes. At a proper viewing distance from the enlargement you will see no difference in quality but if you examine them closer they may seem to be softer.

All prints are made on Fuji's professional Crystal Archive paper with a lustre (not glossy) surface. Glossy paper is available by special request. Images are made on Super Type PD traditional silver halide photographic paper using a Chromira LED printer and processed in a Colex 50" paper processor with Fujicolor RA-4 chemicals. Prints are not stabilized but are washed free of residual chemicals using duplex wash tanks.

We guarantee all prints to be free of physical defects or digital artifacts. We do not keep an inventory of stock and all orders are fulfilled from production. Please allow 48 hrs to print and two days for normal shipping via priority mail.


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