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Navigation through Astrophoto Lab is easy. It is our mission to show you the available images, provide some facts about them and make it easy to purchase prints in a variety of sizes at realistic prices for students, hobbyists and the general public. You won't find a lot of clutter here. Here's some easy steps to keep in mind:

1. Bookmark this website.  New images are added all the time at irregular intervals. We sometimes post website updates in the "What's New?" folder, also on Twitter and directly to you through our newsletter.

2. Use the Astro Finder to quickly locate an object. It's an alphabetical list cross-indexed by Common name, NGC number, Messier catalogue number and other scientific designations. Clicking on the list will take you to a fact sheet about the object or directly to the order page.

3. If you are a visually oriented person check out our index pages. They are titled "Deep Space", "Galaxies", "Nebulae", etc on the left menu list.

3. The Space Image Gallery contains everything available for sale. Images are grouped into categories from the latest to the oldest release. Set the timer from 1 to 10 seconds and run a slideshow to see all the images. You can even order images during the slideshow. (Firefox works best. IE inserts an unavoidable white flash between images)

4.Write to us, please!  We thrive on your suggestions for improving the site. Use the "Feedback" link on the left menu.

5. Order something!  It's easy to overlook but this website can only exist with your support. And remember, our prices run mostly 20% less than other online printers.

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