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NGC 613
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Name: NGC 613
Description: Spiral Galaxy
Position: RA 1h 34m 18.60s Dec -29° 25' 12.78"
Constellation: Sculptor
Distance: 80 million light years
Field of view: 6.84 x 6.84 arcminutes
Orientation: North is 1.6° right of vertical
Image Credit: ESO/P.D. Barthel
Release Date: December 19, 2003

2015 Closeup: G1539
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This image of the barred spiral galaxy NGC 613 was obtained with the FORS1 and FORS2 multi-mode instruments (at VLT MELIPAL and YEPUN, respectively) on December 16-18, 2001. It is a composite of three exposures in different wavebands, cf. the technical note below. The full-resolution version of this photo retains the original pixels. Note the many arms and the pronounced dust bands. North is up and East is left.

NGC 613 is a beautiful barred spiral galaxy in the southern constellation Sculptor. This galaxy is inclined by 32 degrees and, contrary to most barred spirals, has many arms that give it a tentacular appearance.

Prominent dust lanes are visible along the large-scale bar. Extensive star-formation occurs in this area, at the ends of the bar, and also in the nuclear regions of the galaxy. The gas at the center, as well as the radio properties are indicative of the presence of a massive black hole in the center of NGC 613.