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The Lemon Slice Nebula
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Name: Lemon Slice Nebula, IC 3568
Description: Planetary nebula
Position (J2000): RA 12h 33m 07s  Dec +82° 33' 49"
Constellation: Camelopardalis
Distance: Estimated at 4500 to 9000 light years
Diameter: 0.4 light years
Apparent magnitude: 12.3
Image Credit: NASA, Howard Bond (STScI), Robin Ciardullo (Penn State Univ.)
Release Date: December 17, 1997
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IC 3568 lies in the constellation Camelopardalis at a distance of about 9,000 light-years, and has a diameter of about 0.4 light-years (or about 800 times the diameter of our solar system). It is an example of a round planetary nebula. Note the bright inner shell and fainter, smooth, circular outer envelope

From Wikipedia:

The Lemon slice nebula, also known as IC 3568, is a planetary nebula that is 1.3 kiloparsecs (4500 ly) away from Earth in the constellation of Camelopardalis (just 7.5 degrees from Polaris).It is a relatively young nebula and has a diameter of only about 0.4 light years. The Lemon slice nebula is one of the most simple nebulae known, with an almost perfectly spherical morphology, but appears very similar to a lemon, for which it is named. The central star is a very hot and bright asymptotic Red Giant, and can be seen as a red-orange hue in an amateur's telescope. A faint halo of interstellar dust surrounds the nebula. .